Thursday, March 12, 2009

HHO: The Inconvenient Truth

EPAMAN2009 writes in response to one of my YouTube videos:

"Did you know that under Title 42, section 203b of the Clean Air Act it is illegal:
for any person to manufacture or sell, or offer to sell, or install, any part or component intended for use with, or as part of, any motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine, where a principal effect of the part or component is to bypass, defeat, or render inoperative any device...."

He continues to site the code in four subsequent posts, apparently in an attempt to dissuade myself and others from pursuing our HHO goals. Which led me to wonder: Why would someone concern themselves to this extent? What is the motivation?

Maybe EPAMAN is actually with the Environmental Protection Agency and he's just doing his job. Perhaps he's being paid by an interest group, or worse, he's had a bad HHO experience. In any event, EPAMAN brings up a good point: Installing an HHO generator on your vehicle is, according to the EPA, illegal for road use. A fact that is certainly inconvenient to those of us experimenting and researching the development and uses of HHO fuel.

It seems counter-intuitive for an agency like the EPA to limit progress on a readily available gas that could potentially relieve our dependence on foreign fuel imports and reduce vehicle emissions. Just as it seems counter-productive for those of us involved with HHO to make a lot of baseless claims about its efficacy.

Sadly, there are HHO enthusiasts out there who are unwittingly contributing to the notion that HHO is an improbable and unsafe fuel. These are the guys who continue to promote dangerous glass jar set-ups, or make generalized fuel-efficiency claims that have not endured the test of time - especially on newer vehicles with smart computers that automatically adjust to HHO's interference. Each time an uninformed consumer tries and fails to get the same results, HHO is condemned as a fraud. And, we who research and develop HHO products, who believe in the possible benefits, are equated to snake oil salesman, unconcerned about safety, only looking to make a buck, etc.

Truth be known, we still don't have a clear picture of just how beneficial HHO will be as a fuel supplement, and to what products the fuel can be applied. Research and experimentation by mechanics, entrepreneurs and groups such as EBN (Energy Builder's Network), have led to advances in HHO's development. Advances that one day could lead to HHO gas being substituted in products that depend on other combustible fuels, like: vehicles, torches (welding, glass blowing, jewelry, etc.), stoves and portable home heaters. But, any advances must come from serious testing and long-term documentation in order to receive the government's blessing.

There are those who have pled the case to government - and won. In recent litigation between the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) v. Dutchman Enterprises LLC., the United Community Services of America, Inc. and Dennis Lee, the court ruled against the FTC after it was revealed that their witness, a physicist, had not bought and tested the defendant's "Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell" kit. It probably wasn't helpful either that the physicist, Dr. Halperin, didn't actually possess a Ph.D in engine technology.

The FTC can still appeal this verdict, possibly at the insistence of people like EPAMAN2009. And, while the defense enjoyed the weakness of the government's case, you can bet litigation will follow those that make baseless claims or provide faulty data. That's why it's critical that claims are based on factual, long-term results and that HHO products are safe, reliable and adhere to the standards of The International HHO Institute (IHHOI).

The IHHOI is a developing organization that is currently in talks with the best and brightest of the HHO movement to organize membership, and to create strict operating and safety standards. Once the IHHOI is in full operation, it will be the voice of the HHO industry, providing private and public entities with information based on a body of knowledge. Stay tuned for details regarding membership and certification.

Whether you're a garage tinkerer or a fully operating HHO provider, you must know and understand your limitations under our current, inconvenient laws. Maybe people like EPAMAN2009 should be thanked for pointing these laws out - regardless of motivation. Because until HHO developers unite and organize to implement procedural and safety standards, our cause will not appear legitimate and we risk facing the end of HHO entirely.


h2ocommuter said...

Hi Mike,
Excellent build-up, I believe this goal must be accomplished.
I would like to come on board and help out with what you have stated,
as necessary to substanciate a well modeled hydroxy systems,and Network to assemble the standards of responsibilities for Manufacturers, and Installers.
These should be held to the highest standards and whereas they are integrated properly into vehicles. Quality Controle standards are lacking Industry wide even today.
I would suggest a reasonable limited liability for duel-performance. because as many of us know, systems adapted to automobiles perform differently on the next car that it did on the last, under some conditions weather it be engine ware, varied adjustments, electronic integration, hgas output volumn, (over or under), variables are inumerous. They need to be Standardized and diseminated Industry wide! "Exclusively Certified Dynomometer Installations". Conclusion: we need to come up with a fair agreement that is industry wide that must be accepted! Both protecting the customer for inconclusive or unsatisfactory results, and for the manufacturer for litgation protection from frivolus lawsuit, no contract, or WHATEVER......

I agree this will be invaluable overall, and necessary to bring this excellent fuel home legally.
Lastly, I would like to Become a member of this group. LOL

Mike Shaheen said...

Thanks for the kind words. I think you will be happy to know that the International HHO Institute (IHHOI)has been formed to do exactly what you have described. I would like to encourage all HHO enthusiasts to join. Go to for more information.

RIBJ4IZxhP60PWIhuDWSWxNEWm0UMg-- said...

The HHO Foundation or The International HHO Intitute ( IHHO ) is just another scam! I have tried to find out who, exactly, these people are without success. Whoever these self proclaimed experts are, for some unexplained reason, they refuse to disclose their true identities and what, precisely, their credentials are that qualify them as authorities of any kind in any field whatsoever. Without knowing these simple facts, why would anybody, in their right mind, send these people their hard earned money? I suppose there is a sucker born every minute.

Mike Shaheen said...

Thanks for your response. I happen to know all of the people involved in the IHHOI and I can tell you that they are not out to rip off anyone. I cannot tell you why their names are not readily available but I can tell you that they are passionate people with only the best intentions. They are donating their time at no cost to try and legitimize HHO in the eyes of the public and the government. It is going to take a LOT of work to get this HHO thing going and there are a LOT of hoops that have to be jumped through. Unfortunately jumping through those hoops costs money and that is why they have to collect annual dues. It is not that much to join and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Nick Stone said...

Could you possibly be any more vague? Okay, so you know everyone involved. Is there an electrochemist in the bunch? How about Ph.D. or someone with anything above an associates degree in any of the physical sciences? No? Well, what, precisely, are their qualifications? Do any of them have any verifiable credentials at all? What, exactly, do all those "hoops", that cost so much money to jump through, consist of? What, exactly, does a fifty dollar membership come with besides a cheezy computer printout that any yahoo with a color printer could produce? Look, I'm not trying to demonize anyone, but you can't simply slap up a web page asking for money and offering nothing concrete or substantive in return and expect sane people to let it go by unquestioned. As a real honest proponent of HHO, I've seen far too many good people get taken in by pure hype with no substance and that is what this looks like to me. I'll take it all back and sing their praises while dancing a jig if you can prove me wrong, but you simply vouching for their integrity isn't gonna cut it.

Mike Shaheen said...

After looking over the IHHOI website, I must admit that you make a valid point. There is no way of knowing who is involved or what their backgrounds are. I must admit I am biased when it comes to the IHHOI because I know most of the people involved and I know their motivations. I will pass on your comments and discuss the need for some sort of "about us" page. If you are as serious as you claim about HHO then send me your email address and I will let you know how you can join in on a IHHOI meeting. I'm sure they would appreciate your participation. Check it out for yourself first. If you like what you see then you can join. Please do give them a chance.

...Joe Shea said...

I do know the folks behind the IHHOI, Mike, and I believe they are legitimate players. They have been scrupulous in all their dealings with me. I think there were some serious questions about their predecessor organization, the HHO Foundation, that resulted from a revolt that occurred when I, as chairman, tried to move it forward too quickly toward testing and standars development and did so without first gaining a consensus from the group, and I was replaced. So far as I know, it is now moribund. I am not willing to put forward the names of the IHHOI founders if they have not, but again, they are people I have come to trust in separate dealings with them.